James Cozart, Library of Congress

I’m sorry to have to be the bearer of sad news.  Toronto Film Society’s good friend James Cozart from the Library of Congress, died yesterday, Saturday, March 25th.

James and his wife Cynthia were in attendance at most film festivals including our May Weekend and George Eastman House Weekend for many years.  It was always a pleasure to speak with them–James, of course, about the preservation of a film he was working on, and Cynthia, well, just about everything else.


The last time many of us from Toronto Film Society saw James was at the Western New York Film Festival this past September.  I was expecting to see him at a number of upcoming festivals, starting this May at Cinevent in Columbus, Ohio; in August at Capitolfest in Rome, New York, and, for me, my first time attending the Mostly Lost festival in Culpeper, Virginia in June.  He always had something interesting to say when he presented a film that he had been furiously working on in order to have it ready to present at one of the festivals.

Our deepest condolences to Cynthia.  I hope that when she is ready, we will continue to meet her at these special events.

Caren Feldman

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