Toronto Film Society Series and Seminars

In addition to any special events and programming, The Toronto Film Society programmes 5 regular series and events each year. Below is a list of those programmes.

Sunday Matinee Series: Fall/Winter

This series, targeted at the film buffs in us all, is a series of 14 films in 7 double bills at the Carlton Cinema. The screenings begin at 2:00pm sharp, once a month from October through April.

See the current Sunday Matinee series here.

Monday Night Series: Fall/Winter

This theme series, consists of films that generally follow a central theme picked by the society staff. Another 14 films in 7 double bills are screened at The Carlton Cinema in downtown Toronto. Screenings begin at 7:30pm sharpe, once a month from October through April.

See the current Monday Night series here.


May Film Weekend

Every May, the Toronto Film Society hosts a weekend film seminar currently held at the Carlton Cinema in downtown Toronto. Each May seminar is organized around a theme or period in film history and provides an in-depth immersion for attendees.


George Eastman House Weekend

Every August the Toronto Film Society invades lovely Rochester, New York, to pull a series of rare films (silent and talkies) from the George Eastman House archive and sreens them at the beautiful Dryden Theatre. All films are 35mm and include features and shorts. Silent films are accompanied live on the piano by Philip Carli. This is a summer must for all film buffs!

Summer Series

In order to satisfy our members desire for fantastic classic and vintage films, we offer a third series of movies during the summer months. Screened over seven Monday nights during the months of July and August the films generally follow a central theme picked by the society staff. Screenings start at 7:30pm sharp.

From time to time we have special guest speakers introducing the programme or the screening of cartoons and shorts before the main features. Film notes are also provided to all viewers prior to the screening to give extra insight into the movies being seen.

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  1. Laurence Lande

    January 29, 2015 at 6:02 pm

    Hello fine Canadian film buff neighbors. I have attended some of the Eastman weekends, through the last 15 years. I wish that I had been able to attend all of them. They were wonderful, and thanks to Caren Feldman’s encouragement, I returned when able. You have a fine group of Canadians who attend. I was at the last festival, for a specific reason. You had a wonderful line-up of mostly unavailable films, ALSO NOT SEEN ON TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES. I am hoping that when you choose, you PICK FILMS NOT ON DVD,VIDEO OR ON CABLE,(TCM). Please, when you choose, remember that for some of us American cousins, there are both the motel expense and travel expense, as well as time required to do such. But if the films were not items that are around, even some in our own libraries, there would be a strong incentive. But some of my fellow Yankees have indicated an interest if the 10 choices were all unavailable rarities. Eastman has many curios, silent and sound. I know that your staff takes much time to arrange/book such items. May someone who knows what is unseen, possibly make some suggestions? I would only suggest rare films that DO exist. Then one has to hope that they have said oddities or rarities, but they have many things that they don’t, shall we say, publicize.

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