Newsletter Winter 1980


  1. In San Francisco, Jeanette MacDonald tells Jessie Ralph of her ambition to sing at the city’s opera house.  Can you name the theatre and two operas in which Jeanette sings later in the film?
  2. Who played the title role in:  a) Roberta  b) Norah Prentiss  c) Dr. X  d) My Man Godfrey
  3. Who played Ziegfeld in:  a) The Great Ziegfeld  b) Ziegfeld Follies  c) Funny Girl
  4. Do you recall the name of the little Mexican comedian who played David Niven’s valet in Around the World in 80 Days?
  5. What actor has played both Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson?  Name the films.
  6. Who was:  a) The It Girl  b) The Sarong Girl c) The Oomph Girl?
  7. Who said to whom in what film:  “It’s straight down the line for both of us”?
  8. Name two Laurel and Hardy features based on operas.
  9. Name the Claudette Colbert-Fred MacMurray film that was definitely not a comedy.
  10. Who played the title role in the Jack Benny version of Charley’s Aunt?
  11. What was the name of Citizen Kane’s castle?
  12. Who played the leads in Goldwyn’s Hurricane, 1937?
  13. In what film did Olly appear in a serious role without Stan?
  14. In what film did all three Barrymores appear?
  15. In what film did Fred Astaire make his film début?
  16. Who is he?  “I want just to sit here and be quiet in case they suspect me.  They are probably watching me–well, let them.  Let them see what kind of a person I am–I’m not even going to swat that fly.”
  17. Who played Esmerelda to Charles Laughton’s Quasimodo?
  18. Lady for a Day, 1933 starred May Robson as Apple Annie, a Damon Runyon story.  Twenty years later the same director remade it.  Can you  name:  a) the film  b) the director  c) the Apple Annie?
  19. The Admirable Crichton has been filmed several times.  In Paramount’s 1934 version with Carole Lombard, who played the Crichton part?  (It was called We’re Not Dressing.)
  20. Who were Emmanuel Goldberg (from Bucharest) and William Pratt (from London) and in what film did they appear together?

by D.B. Frost

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