Summer Series

July 8th to August 26th, 2019

Toronto Film Society presents its Summer Series, BLACK AND WHITE AND NOIR ALL OVER.  Fourteen Film Noirs in seven double-bills on Monday evenings during July and August at Innis College Theatre starting at 6:30 p.m.

You can register for the entire Series for $105 directly online!  Trial Memberships are $18 for double bills–no single film prices.

Register Now!

2 responses to “Summer Series”

  1. Sandra Thompson says:

    Would like a message about the summer series for 2015 and am really looking forward to ti.
    thanks again
    Sandra Thompson

  2. […] planning to visit here any Monday between July 11th and August 29th, check out the double bills here and come join us.  The full series (14 films) costs $90.00 or single admission for a double bill […]

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