Summer Series

July 9th to August 27th, 2018

Last summer, Toronto Film Society brought you Dangerous Dames.  This season TFS is presenting its equally dangerous Summer Film Series, Bad Guy/Mad Guys, 14 films in seven double-bills on Monday evenings in July and August at the Carlton Cinema starting at 7:00 p.m.  We think it’s a great lineup and hope you do too!

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  • The Mind Reader (1933)

     Run Time: 69 min. | b/w Director: Roy Del Ruth Stars: Warren William, Constance Cummings, Allen Jenkins, Mayo Methot  Genres: Drama| Romance Storyline A slimy medicine show grafter excels in the...

    Whirlpool (1950)

     Run Time: 97 min. | b/w Director: Otto Preminger Stars: Gene Tierney, Richard Conte, José Ferrer, Charles Bickford  Genres: Crime| Drama| Film Noir Storyline Ruthless con artist Ferrer uses hypnosis and...

    The Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)

     Run Time: 77 min. | colour Director: Michael Curtiz Stars: Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, Glenda Farrell, Frank McHugh  Genres: Horror| Mystery| Thriller Storyline An historic, early-colour suspense tale about a...

    Bluebeard (1944)

     Run Time: 73 min. | b/w Director:  Edgar G. Ulmer Stars: John Carradine, Jean Parker, Nils Asther, Iris Adrian  Genres: Horror| Mystery| Thriller Storyline An artist-puppeteer who strangles women as...

    Murder by Contract (1958)

     Run Time: 81 min. | b/w Director:  Irving Lerner Stars: Vince Edwards, Herschel Bernardi, Phillip Pine  Genres: Crime| Drama| Film Noir Storyline A neat little B-movie about a hired killer...

    Midnight Lace (1960)

     Run Time: 108 min. | colour Director:  David Miller Stars: Doris Day, Rex Harrison, John Gavin, Myrna Loy  Genres: Crime| Drama| Film Noir Storyline A mystery-thriller in which a wealthy...

    The Pearl of Death (1944)

     Run Time: 60 min. | b/w Director:  Roy William Neill Stars: Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Evelyn Ankers, Miles Mander  Genres: Crime| Drama| Film Noir Storyline Sherlock Holmes dispenses his usual...

    The Lodger (1944)

     Run Time: 84 min. | b/w Director:  John Brahm Stars: Merle Oberon, George Sanders, Laird Cregar, Sir Cedric Hardwicke  Genres: Crime| Drama| Film Noir Storyline In this exciting thriller, Jack the...

    The Threat (1949)

     Run Time: 65 min. | b/w Director:  Felix E. Feist Stars: Charles McGraw, Michael O’Shea, Virginia Grey, Julie Bishop  Genres: Crime| Drama| Film Noir Storyline A mad killer (McGraw) breaks out...

    Rope of Sand (1949)

     Run Time: 104 min. | b/w Director: William Dieterle Stars: Burt Lancaster, Paul Henreid, Corinne Calvet, Claude Rains  Genres: Adventure| Film Noir Storyline Adventurer Lancaster returns to the scene to claim a hidden fortune in...


  1. Sandra Thompson

    April 28, 2015 at 11:36 am

    Would like a message about the summer series for 2015 and am really looking forward to ti.
    thanks again
    Sandra Thompson

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