A Philistine in Bohemia (1920)

Philistine in Bohemia - Rod La Rocque A Philistine in Bohemia (1920)

Rating: 0.0
Genres: Short
Director: Edward H. Griffith
Writers: O. Henry, Robert A. Sanborn
Stars: Edna Murphy, Rod La Rocque, Nellie Parker Spaulding
Based on a story by O. Henry in which a mother and daughter who run a boarding house come to the wrong conclusion about their new tenant.  The film provides a beautiful portrait of New York City and its immigrant communities as they appeared in 1920.
Release Date: 7 March 1920 (USA)


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  1. IMDBReviewer says:

    This late Vitagraph three-reeler — they would be the last of the Patents Trust companies left standing half a decade later when they were bought out by the Warner Brothers — is yet another attempt to film an O. Henry short story at some length — a difficult task, given that the writer specialized in short stories with snapper endings. However, by expanding the setting a bit and giving the Irish landladies a bit of business, the task is accomplished. Add in some fine players — even though they don't have much of a chance to show us what they can do — and some handsome photography and you have a very pleasant little movie, even if those furnished rooms seem unnaturally large.

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