The Penguin Pool Murder (1932)

Penguin Pool Murder (1932)
The Penguin Pool Murder (1932) 

 Run Time: 70 min. | b/w
Director: George Archainbaud
Stars: Edna May Oliver, James Gleason, Mae Clarke, Donald Cook
 Genres: Comedy | Drama | Mystery
The first of several delightful “Hildegarde Withers” mysteries, starring Edna May as an astringent school teacher turned amateur detective. When Police Inspector (Gleason) gruffly asks who she is, he’s informed, “I’m a schoolteacher and I might have done wonders with you, if I’d caught you early enough.”
Did you know:
1) The first of three appearances by Edna May Oliver as Hildegarde Withers, the others beingMurder on the Blackboard (1934) and Murder on a Honeymoon (1935).

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