Divorce – Italian Style [Divorzio All’Italiana] (1961)

Toronto Film Society presented Divorce – Italian Style [Divorzio All-Italiana] (1961) on Monday, September 11, 1967 as part of the Season 19 Summer Series “And On to the Present”, Programme 5.

The Scribe   Canada   1965   Sound   30 mins   colour   16mm

Produced for the Construction Safety Associations of Ontario by: Film Tele Productions.  Producers: Anne and Kenneth Hecley-Ray.  Executive Producers: Raymond Walters and James Collier.  Screenplay: Paul Sutherland and Clifford Braggins.  Photography: Mike Lente.  Film and Sound Editor: Kenneth Heeley-Ray.  Music: Quartet Production Ltd.  Construction site courtesy of Perrini Ltd. of Toronto.  Safety Equipment courtesy of Levitts Safety Ltd.
Cast:  Buster Keaton.

Buster Keaton exemplifies safety rules, as one might expect, by showing us what not to do, and the results thereof.  The film was made without dialogue because so many construction workers in Ontario speak languages other than English.

What On Earth   Canada   1966   Sound   9½ mins   colour   16mm

Produced by Robert Verrall and Wolf Koenig for the National Board of Canada.  Direction and Animation: Les Drew and Kaj Pindal.  Story and Design: Kaj Pindal.  Camera: Kjeld Nielsen.  Commentary: Don Brittain.  Music: Don Douglas.

The title says that this is a production of the National Film Board of Mars.  Martian scientists look at Earth and decide that the prevailing form of life here is the automobile, as yet unable to rid itself of its human parasites.  This short animated film won the Silver Seal of the City of Trieste at the recent annual Science Fiction Film Festival in that city.

Alphabet   Canada   1967   Sound   7 mins   b&w   16mm

Produced by the National Film Board of Canada.  Conception and Animation: Eliot Noyes, Jr.  Music: Pierre Brault.

Fluid drawings illustrate an alphabet book for adults.

Notes by Helen Arthurs

– Intermission   10 minutes –

Divorce – Italian Style [Divorzio All’Italiana] (1961)

Production Company: Lux/Vides/Galates.  Producer: Franco Cristaldi.  Production Manager: Guglielmo Colonna.  Director: Pietro Germi.  Screenplay: Ennio De Concini. Alfredo Giannetti, Pietro Germi.  Photography: Leonida Barboni.  Editor: Roberto Cinquini.  Art Director: Carlo Egidi.  Music: Carlo Rustichelli.  Sound: Fiorenzo Magli.

Cast:  Marcello Mastroianni (Ferdinando Cefalù), Daniela Rocca (Rosalia), Stefania Sandrelli (Angela), Leopoldo Trieste (Carmelo Patanè), Odoardo Spadaro (Don Gaetano), Angela Cardile (Agnese), Rita Girelli (Sisina), Bianca Castagnetta (Donna Matilde), Lando Buzzanca (Rosario Mulè), Pietro Tordi (De Marci), Laura Tomiselli (Zia Fifidda), Ugo Torrente (Don Calogero), Antonio Acqua (Il Parroco).

(Placed 12th of the Twelve Best Comedy Films in the international critics’ poll, in a tie with City LightsMonsieur Verdoux and It Happened One Night.)

(Printed feature Notes did not arrive)


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