The Wedding of Palo (1936)

Toronto Film Society presented The Wedding of Palo (1936) on Monday, October 16, 1950 as part of the Season 3 Main Series, Programme 1.

Monday, October 16, 1950    8.15 p.m.
Royal Ontario Museum Theatre

NOTE:  Members who took out double memberships are reminded to inform their partners about each programme.  Those not receiving programme notes by mail may obtain their copies at the theatre.


OPENING REMARKS and ANNOUNCEMENTS            Miss Nola Holdway, President

Community Life (Great Britain, 1936)  Source: J. Arthur Rank 16mm Ltd.   Running Time 10 minutes

DIRECTION:  Mary Field
PHOTOGRAPHY:  Frank Goodliffe

One of the famous Secrets of Life series, this serves as a vehicle for Mary Field and E.V. Emmett to satirize themselves, humanity and British documentaries.  It’s about ants.

The N.Y. Times announced recently that Mary Field has given up film production to join the British Board of Film Censors – a result of the closing down of J. Arthur Rank’s Children’s Entertainment Films.  She has produced 193 films for children since 1944 and this year she won three first prizes at the Venice International Film Festival.

The Window Cleaner (U.S.A. 1945)  Source: Museum of Modern Art, New York

SCRIPT:  Joseph March
Produced for the O.W.I. Overseas Branch

A thumb-nail sketch of Manhattan as seen by the man who keeps its skyscrapers sparkling.  It suggests something of the kind of people who make up the American democracy.  Iris Barry, Curator of the Museum Modern Art film library has used this film in demonstrations of what constitutes good film making.

The Adventurer (U.S.A. 1917)  Source: Canadian Film Institute, Ottawa   Length  2 reels

DIRECTION:  Charles Chaplin

This, the last comedy Chaplin made for Mutual, is a farce in which chases and slapstick reach a frenzied climax in the latter scenes.

1848 (France, 1949)  Commentary in English  Source: French Embassy   Running Time  20 minutes

DIRECTION:  Victoria Spiri Mercantor, Marguerite de la Mure, Albert Saboul
MUSIC:  Guy Bernard

The story of France’s historic third revolution presented through the engravings and etchings of Daumier, Gavarni and others who graphically immortalized the brief upheaval.  Visually outstanding, the film would have been improved by a less “busy” sound track.

10 Minutes

Wedding of Palo (Denmark, 1936)  Eskimo dialogue with English titles  Source: John Carreau, Montreal   Running Time  70 minutes

DIRECTION:  Friedrich Dalsheim and Knud Rasmussen
PHOTOGRAPHY:  Hans Schieb and Walter Traut
SCRIPT:  Knud Rasmussen
PRODUCED BY:  Knud Rasmussen
MUSIC:  Emil Reesen; played by the Royal Opera House Symphony Orchestra of Copenhagen

This is a charming study in excellent photography of the year-round life and customs of the East Greenland Eskimos in the Angmagssalik district.  Explorer-anthropologist Dr. Knud Rasmussen in using a simple story of courtship enacted by Eskimos provided an adequate medium for presenting the cultural pattern of these remote peoples.



The first appearance in Canada of Maya Deran, the well-known experimental film-maker of New York, will open the series of Joint Discussion Group meetings on November 6th at 8.15 p.m.

Members of Toronto and University of Toronto Film Societies will be given the opportunity to hear Miss Deren speak about her approach to cinematography, to see her films (including her most recent – Meditation on Violence), and to discuss these with her afterwards.

All members interested in attending will please register in the lobby tonight.

The place where the meeting will be held will be announced at our next Exhibition Meeting.  It will be centrally located.


Best liked features (in order of preference):
Least liked features:
Blood of a Poet
Un Carnet de Bal
Best liked documentaries:
Picture in Your Mind

Song of Ceylon
Least liked shorts:
Ballet Mecanique
Il Paradiso Terrestre
and Long Bodies

MOVIE GUIDE (Current and Coming)

All Quiet on the Western Front (now at the Towne)
Lewis Milestone’s comment on war made in 1930

No Way Out (now at the University and Nortown)
Joseph Mankiewicz on the negro problem

City Lights (coming to the Towne)
one of Chaplin’s masterpieces re-issued

Le Corbeau (coming to the International Cinema)
Clouzot’s terrifying study in evil and degradation

NEXT EXHIBITION MEETING:  Oct. 30: Great GlassblowerPassion of Joan of ArcAt Land

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