Newsletter Winter 1984-85


The Honourable Pauline M. McGibbon

Christopher Chapman                         Frank R. Crawley

William K. Everson                             Graeme Ferguson

Norman Jewison                                 Norman McLaren

Curly S. Posen                                            Gerald Pratley


President:  Barrie Hayne

Vice-Pres:  William Sturrup

Secretary:  Barry Chapman

Treasurer:  Douglas S. Wilson

Ronald R. Anger                                     Helen Arthurs

Frances Blau                                                 Fred Cohen

Helmuts Drengers                                Roland LeBlanc

Jaan Salk

Newsletter Editor:  Roland LeBlanc

This issue typed by Donna Hall, Laurie McNeice, Lorna Niebergall and Sydney Vousden.

Answers to the Hogtown Quiz next issue.  Keep guessing!

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